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A sea plantIf you are new to The Work, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, and discuss how we proceed.  Then we can identify (if you haven't already) an area in your life where you experience difficulty, and do a short facilitation on one of the beliefs that cause you stress, so you get a sense of the four questions and the turnarounds. This session will last 30 minutes.

After this initial consultation you'll let me know whether and when you'd like to start work with me.  How long we work together will depend on you - I suggest an initial commitment to six or ten 50-minute sessions to allow you to fully experience the transformative power of regular practice.  For couples the sessions would be 75-100 minutes.

I have been practicing Inquiry for well over a decade, and as a Certified Facilitator I am a reliable and skilled resource for those who are familiar with The Work who wish to deepen or reconnect to their practice.


Private consultations:    

  • Individual £70.00 per 50 minute phone,  Skype,  or f-2-f session
  • 6-pack £390 per session (£65.00 per session) (you can mail me in-between)
  • Couples or other relationship pair work £130, 75 minutes
  • You may pay with Paypal or cash or cheque

Training individual and groups of professional therapists, counsellors, and other practitioners who wish to use The Work in their own practice.  Professional trainings £150 per hour (plus expenses) or fee by arrangement.

I want to thank you for taking me to where I wanted to get to, it has been an incredible experience working with you on my "stuff" - I never knew what was lurking under the surface and have been gob-smacked at times at the things you helped me discover about myself. Some of it has been extremely painful, but I feel like I have began to see the world with new eyes as a result, and it is a much happier and safer place than I ever expected. JB

I feel much clearer and more able to identify the causes of some of the things that have been causing me pain and have found the doing the turn around useful in helping me to challenge unhelpful thought patterns.

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Email tamara.alferoff@gmail.com
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Phone 00 44 (0)20 8347 9737 or
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