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Woman with open arms looking to the skySince I began doing The Work in 2001, and began training with Byron Katie in 2002. I have come
to see that those things that appeared hurtful, wrong, and damaging in my life - parents' divorce, my own protracted divorce and separation from my children, illness, accidents, and even my father's suicide - viewed through the laser-pure lens of Inquiry, have truly become the source of the deepest realisations, understanding, and gifts to me. Through 2009 I have been Mentoring others as they train in the Certification Program, and find this continues to expanding my own learning. See my profile at www.thework.com/talferoff.asp

As a mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and therapist and trainer, living in the huge metropolis of London, stress and strife still arise; only now I notice they quickly disperse, and if not, I bring my thoughts and judgements (about myself or others or the world at large) to Inquiry, and my argument with reality simply dissolves into clarity and even fun. My friends and family can confirm that I'm just nicer to be with, and they teach me more about love every day.

My task as your Certified Facilitator and Coach is to place my experience, humanity, and skill at your service, so that you can begin to unfold and explore those thoughts and beliefs that cause the suffering in your life. Your task is to bring your willingness to work.

In my work as a lecturer, tutor and therapist, The Work of Byron Katie has radically informed the way I practice, teach, and supervise students of Transpersonal Psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in London: www.ccpe.org.uk

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